Saturday, 26 May 2012

Welcome to Beadia

Beadia brings affordable, easy to use jewelry business management to Mac OS. Existing jewelry software solutions are usually Windows-based, and while they can be run on a Mac, it's not ideal. You want a system designed from the ground up as a true Mac application; you want it to look and feel familiar and run alongside your existing Mac apps.  That's where Beadia comes in.


Here’s an overview of some of the features Beadia provides:
  • Organize your handmade jewelry and other craft items.
  • Keep details of your parts inventory, including stock purchased and which pieces parts were used in. Parts can be grouped with an extensive list of categories – use the predefined ones or create your own.
  • Record sundry costs against jewelry items – packaging, consumables, and time/labour.
  • Customized pricing – specify a markup percentage and Beadia will suggest a value for you based on parts used and sundry costs you have defined. Price jewelry for retail, wholesale or direct sales.
  • Add photographs to your parts and jewelry pieces; view them with Quick Look or Preview.
  • Create sales venues – galleries, shops or events where you have jewelry for sale or on display. Venues let you record a location, jewelry displayed, commission rates and fees.
  • Record details of your sales, including customer contact details, items purchased, pricing and sales venue.
  • Quickly and easily create filters to display information matching your criteria.  Smart Folders let you save filters and recall them later, just like a Smart Playlist in iTunes, or you can create standard folders which contain just the items you want.
  • Record customer information including contact details, items purchased, etc.
  • Easy to use wizards help you create items, guiding you step-by-step through to the finished article. 
  • Create customized lists of jewelry styles, part shapes, sizes and colors, all grouped by categories you can create yourself. We also give you a set of predefined categories with example values, including many familiar brand names and materials such as Swarovski Elements, Miyuki, Bali fine silver, etc.
  • Generate reports which can be printed or saved as HTML or PDF files.
Want to know more?  Head over to where you'll find an in-depth feature list, screenshots and a demo you can download and play with.  Our demo is not time-limited, it just limits the number of items you can create, so you can take your time judging if Beadia can help you. We think it can, and if it can't, tell us why!

Contact Us

We intend to develop Beadia using your feedback, so if you have a question or suggestion, contact us here or at our Facebook page.

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