Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Multiple Currency Support

Beadia version 1.1 now supports multiple currencies for sales, purchases and contacts. Beadia is configured with the full list of ISO standard currencies.

Here's how it works.


Each sale can have its own currency, separate from your system currency. All values for the sale will appear, both on screen and in reports, in the chosen currency.
The detail pane of the Sales library has a Currency field, which displays the chosen currency for each sale, or "Default" for sales using your system currency:

Click the Choose currency button to the right of the field to select a currency. The Choose currency sheet displays the currencies you use the most at the top of the list:


Each purchase can also have it's own currency, for when you purchase parts inventory from international suppliers. The chosen currency will appear in the details for a purchase with a different currency, but the parts themselves will still display your own currency.


Finally, you can specify a currency for each contact.  Whenever you sell jewelry items to, or buy stock inventory from a contact with a different currency from your own, Beadia will use the correct currency automatically.

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